Spinal Treatment


Spinal pain is a challenging condition seen all too often by healthcare providers. Fortunately, a wide range of braces (orthoses) are available to assist with treatment. Spinal bracing is often prescribed to provide post-operative positioning and protection. In other cases, they may be used as a treatment following trauma or to treat the symptoms of a progressive disorder. Whatever the need, Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America offers both prefabricated and custom spinal braces. The effort is placed on providing patients with an effective brace, but also one that is comfortable. When an orthosis is comfortable, patient compliance increases along with the chances of a positive outcome.

The Custom Advantage

Why do custom orthoses work more effectively than off-the-shelf braces? Because they fit better. Better fit means greater comfort, which naturally increases compliance.

But better fit also means greater efficacy. It is only in the hands of a skilled orthotist that a custom orthosis can become like an extension of the body it must help to stand straighter, move safely, and heal.

Yes, custom work takes time. We work hard to craft to your specifications, then ship your patient’s orthotic out for next-day delivery, even if we receive your measurements by 10:00 p.m. EST.

Call and speak to one of our dedicated customer service representatives. The expert you speak to is not an order taker: he or she personally supervises the fabrication of your patient’s next orthosis

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