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Orthoses can support the healing of a body part by providing relief. This also applies after (sports) injuries to ligaments, joints, or bones. In case of injuries that do not heal, orthoses provide relief by supporting the affected body part. They can partially compensate for lost functions and help prevent subsequent damages – caused by incorrect posture or positioning – and wear of affected body parts.

Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America offers orthoses for many clinical pictures and various body parts. In order for an orthosis to really help where it is supposed to, it must be individually adapted. The treating physician or the orthopedic technician determines the correct size. Our orthoses particularly distinguish themselves through the highest level of functionality. During the development of our models, we pay particular attention to a high level of wearer comfort because you want the orthosis to be a relief and an aid.
Appearance – No Minor Matter

Incidentally, we at Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America think that an orthosis does not just have to be functional and comfortable, but that it should also look good. It does not matter whether you depend on an orthosis permanently or only during healing; with a model from O & P Clinics of America, you do not have to be afraid to be seen. Functionality, comfort, and design jointly ensure better quality of life. Your orthopedic technician will be happy to advise you

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