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Be Your Own Boss!

Be Your Own Boss!

Have you been searching for a chance to be your own boss? To make more money? And have complete autonomy over patient care? If so, we have a solution for you. This franchise opportunity is specifically designed to let you place your focus on patients all while your ABC accreditation, insurance billing and credentialing, cost of goods, and business set up are all taken care of. orthotics and prosthetics best franchises

We match investors with clinicians!

We match investors with clinicians!

We feel that the orthotic and prosthetic industry should be placed back in the hands of the clinicians where superior patient care and satisfaction would remain at the forefront.

We will match investors with clinicians!

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes?

The American Orthotic Prosthetic Association estimates that O&P businesses will provide patient services worth more than $3.5 billion in annual sales. We are looking for individuals with the entrepreneurial desire to be part of this opportunity.  Contact us today to learn more.



One of a Kind – Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America is a one of a kind franchise that encompasses all orthotic, prosthetic, and perdorthic services.  There are no other franchise opportunities like it.

A Proven Business Model – Our business model is based on our parent organization which has been in business since 1923. We have developed business operational processes, marketing strategies, and polices for executing a successful franchise.

An Experienced Team – Our corporate office has a team of professionals that have proven backgrounds in both the business and medical fields of which are vital in helping you start your franchise.


Training – Our franchising system is built on the premise that Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America can be successful only if our franchisees are successful. We believe in a cooperative relationship with our franchisee. This relationship begins with solid training. You will receive training and ongoing support to help you with the non-clinical aspects of the business so that you can focus on giving your customers an outstanding clinical outcome and experience.

Residual Income Streams – Repeat visits, referrals, and relationships with providers will provide opportunities to increase your services and drive revenues.

Product Pricing – As a franchisee, you will purchase products through Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America, thus eliminating the stress of obtaining relationships with vendors when you are new.

Ongoing Support – Our experienced team will be available to provide ongoing support and assistance. Our commitment to you is important to us.


Our Commitment as a Franchisor

  • Site Location Approval
  • Allowing Autonomy
  • Ensuring Agreement is Comprehended
  • Assisting as Requested
  • Approving Décor
  • Obtaining Best Inventory Pricing
  • Provide Training
  • Maintaining Website
  • Maintaining Marketing Fund
  • Providing Billing Services
  • Giving Ongoing Support

Your Commmitment as a Franchisee

  • Choosing a site
  • Establishing your LLC
  • Obtaining Insurances/Local Permits
  • Credentialing with Insurance Payors
  • Ordering Decor
  • Utilizing Inventory
  • Attend Training
  • Utilizing Website for Your Location
  • Utilize Funds and Ongoing Marketing
  • Utilizing Our Billing Services
  • Maintaining Compliance & Paying Fees


Approximate Financial Requirements

Initial Franchise Fee    $20,000 to $35,000

Utility fees/lease            $6,000 to $50,000

Supplies                          $10,000-$20,000

Decor/Furniture                 $5,000-$10,000

Signage                           $2,000 to $8,000

Construction Build Out  $2,000 to $20,000

Accreditation                                   $2,500

Licenses/Permits             $1,000 to $1,500

Insurance                         $1,000 to $1,500

Additional Funds              $15,000-$35,000

Misc. Expenditures       $20,500 to $59,000

Approximate Totals         $69,500-$204,500

Please note some financials may be less depending on the size of your location.

Financing options may be available including SBA, 401k tapping, and home equity loans. Ask how we can help!

Do you need previous clinical related or franchising experience?

The answer is no. We are looking for entrepreneurs! However, both fields are helpful but are no means necessary in creating and maintaining a successful business. We will help you recruit qualified staff and give you the training and tools to provide support for your staff, learn operational processes, and laws to give you the confidence to become an effective leader.

How much money can I make as a Franchise Owner?

By owning your own business, you control your own success and we can assist you in achieving that goal. As an Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America franchise owner, you will have access to a system meant to help you maximize your chances of succeeding.

Is this the right time for me?

There are two kinds of people interested in starting a business:
1) The first kind look for the right time to start a business. Perhaps where you work is not satisfactory or you are worried about the stability of the company? But you still may be apprehensive.

2) The second make the right time happen now by partnering with our team and then make it work.

Exploring franchise ownership requires serious thought, research, and energy. Business ownership is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things you can do. Talk to us.


The Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America partners with your business to provide expertise and stays connected with you through the successful growth and management of your business. The Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America operational assessment and improvement process is designed to support the goals of efficiency and profitability with both short-term and long-term targets in mind.  Because each office is unique, our analysis would be tailor-made to focus on areas of need that could include the following:


  • Revenue Cycle
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Obtaining Product and Shipping Pricing
  • Increase Patient and Provider Satisfaction  
  • Personnel Management 
  • Compliance and Risk Management 
  • Strategic Planning


Maintaining Strategies

The Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America strategy services follow a rigorous, highly disciplined process that is:

Analytically Grounded: Our consultants have developed analytic tools and planning approaches that provide a solid information platform to facilitate organizational decision making and action.

Customized: While our overall approach and underlying tools may be applied across a broad variety of circumstances, the process to support effective planning and decision making is tailored for each organization.

Financially Tested: A critical component of the strategy development process is testing for financial viability. Together, we develop strategic objectives and evaluate the impact on the organization’s future market and financial positions.

Collaborative: Together, we prepare action plans that clearly delineate the initiatives to be pursued, the resources required to execute the initiative, implementation timing, and specific accountability for each initiative’s successful completion.

Join the Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America and together we will conduct an operational evaluation that includes reviewing processes, making recommendations, and implementing strategies that will help your business grow.

Call today for pricing and more information!

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