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OPCA began as its parent organization Yale Surgical Company founded in 1923. We offer a diverse range of orthotic and prosthetic services including upper & lower extremity prosthetics, upper & lower extremity orthotic bracing, cranial remolding orthoses and silicone restoration.

Our facility offers state-of-the-art equipment and technology, placing our team at the forefront of our profession. Our in-house 3D printers offer our patients same-day prosthetic and orthotic diagnostic fittings, which allow for fewer visits, expedited turnaround times and accurate fittings. Our Insight scanner allows our practitioners to pressure-map the inside of a patient’s prosthetic socket. This gives us real-time diagnostic feedback for both static/dynamic evaluations which increases socket fit & comfort and overall prosthetic compliance. Patients will also benefit from our gait analysis mat which assists in determining an individual’s gait symmetry, alignment and stability with and without their prosthesis or orthosis. This technology allows us to provide solidified data to insurance providers. For those individuals wanting to continue with therapy or even enhance an already active lifestyle, patients can utilize our indoor Treadwall (Rotating climbing wall) or golf and ski simulator.

OPCA is passionate about education. Our residency program allows us to train our future practitioners by giving them both clinical knowledge and enhancing their hand skills. We not only will give them the proper tools to become successful practitioners, but we will give them the right tools to operate their own businesses successfully. OPCA also understands the importance of investing in our future practitioners as such, we have partnered with the International Institute of Orthotics and Prosthetics to develop in-house research opportunities, our international exchange student program and our residency program. This business model ensures that our practitioners remain at the forefront of O&P research/development, practice management training, a feature unique to our education model.




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